6th – 12th



Star Plus


  • Form Lasting Friendships
  • Try New Experiences
  • Develop Social Skills
  • Discover Talents
  • Discover Strengths

Stars Plus​

The primary goal of the Stars Plus program is to provide a safe and supported environment where students with developmental disabilities, grades 6-12, can develop social skills. Our hope is that students in this program form lasting friendships, try new experiences and discover talents and strengths in themselves that they didn’t know they

had. Participants in this program meet monthly to engage in fun, group activities or outings that have been chosen by them and planned and organized by the Coordinator.

Some of the Stars Plus’s past activities have included painting, ceramics, fishing, and fireworks display! Our outings have included Cardinal baseball games, Ambush Soccer games, movie theater, Six Flags, plays, St. Louis Zoo and more

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