Employment in a competitive setting, making competitive wages.

Employment Program​

Skill Acquisition:

  • Strength and Skill Discovery
  • Skill Development
  • Resume Building
  • Networking
  • On-the-Job Coaching

Personal Assistant Sheltered Workshop

Coming Soon!
Supported Employment is defined as competitive employment in an integrated setting or employment in integrated work settings in which individuals are working toward competitive employment. WCHS is committed to supporting all individuals with having the opportunity to seek competitive employment and being a part of their community’s workforce.

We plan to provide:

Career Planning – Assistance in identifying an individual’s talents, skills, abilities, interests and needs for achieving integrated employment. A component of this service is benefits planning to assist with balancing earned income with health and Social Security benefits.

Prevocational Services – Soft skills training and work experiences intended to teach personal skills necessary to prepare for employment.

Job Development – Assistance with business outreach and finding the right employer match for an individual’s unique interests and preferences.

Supported Employment – Services provided at a job site to support workplace relationships and job performance.

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