Social Recreation Program

Imagine a life without any social interaction or recreational activities… doesn’t sound like much fun does it? Laughing with friends, going to fun places and engaging in recreational activities are not only enjoyable, but they are also essential to living a healthy and meaningful life! Participating in these activities makes us feel connected, accepted and capable.

Social skills are learned naturally through experiences with other people. With guidance, structured activities and support, individuals who struggle with demonstrating appropriate social skills can acquire, and even improve these skills, while engaging in enjoyable and meaningful activities. This is what our Social/ Recreation Program is all about.

Currently, 5 different social and/or recreation programs are offered at WCP. Camp We Can and Stars Plus are designed for children. Adult programs include Discovery Plus and Leadership Weekend and Special Olympics is available to both children and adults in the Warren County area

Special Olympics

Through the power of sports, people with intellectual disabilities can discover strengths and abilities they may not have known they had. While receiving a medal is often a goal and something to be proud of, success comes in many forms. Positive outcomes of participating can include: achieving healthier lifestyles, developing courage and resilience, learning how to work on a team and building relationships. Participating on the Warren County Athletics Special Olympics Team has brought our athletes joy, confidence and fulfillment on the playing field… and in life.

Stars Plus

The primary goal of the Stars Plus program is to provide a safe and supported environment where students with developmental disabilities, grades 6-12, can develop social skills. Our hope is that students in this program form lasting friendships, try new experiences and discover talents and strengths in themselves that they didn’t know they had. Participants in this program meet monthly to engage in fun, group activities or outings that have been chosen by them and planned and organized by the Coordinator.

Discovery Plus

The primary goal of the Discovery Plus program is to help adults with developmental disabilities enjoy their lives beyond what they thought was possible. Participants in this program meet monthly to engage in fun, group activities or outings that have been chosen by them and planned and organized by the Coordinator

Camp We Can

Camp We Can is an annual two-week summer camp for children ages 6-15. The goals of this camp are to foster self-esteem, build confidence, develop self-control, practice teamwork and create friendships. Each year, Camp We Can’s activities and outings are created around a particular theme.

Leadership Weekend

The primary focus of this annual, week-end retreat is developing leadership skills! Participants in this program follow a jam-packed agenda full of activities and opportunities to develop essential skills such as communication, negotiation, advocacy, teamwork, relationship building and public speaking. Learning is enhanced through interactive activities that challenge the application of these newly acquired skills.

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