Here are some of latest programs

Choices Adult Day Program

This year-round, 5 day per week program, provides a safe place for adults with developmental disabilities to go to increase life skills in areas such as: personal hygiene, health and fitness, personal and environmental safety, social skills, meal preparation, cooking, community integration and self-advocacy. In addition, volunteer opportunities in the community and activities to increase job readiness are also offered.

Residential Program

The primary focus of the Residential Program is to assist individuals with obtaining and maintaining their highest level of independence and to provide opportunities for full inclusion into the community. In addition, medical services provided by a registered nurse, are available to all qualifying participants in our Residential Program.

Social/Recreation Programs

Imagine a life without any social interaction or recreational activities… doesn’t sound like much fun does it? Laughing with friends, going to fun places and engaging in recreational activities are not only enjoyable, they are essential to living a healthy and meaningful life! Participating in these activities makes us feel connected, accepted and capable.

Social/Recreation Programs

Employment Program

Research shows that nearly two-thirds of Americans with disabilities want to work, yet only a third participate in the labor force. A gap in employment opportunities and labor participation has long existed between those living with disabilities and those without disabilities. WCP believes that people with disabilities can and should be included in everyday life, including work, which has led to our growing interest in closing this gap.


WCP provides transportation for all participants in Day and Residential Programs and for some individuals in the county who work at TEMCO Sheltered Workshop. In addition, transportation is provided for all social and recreation activities and for Special Olympic trainings and games outside of the county.