Employment Program

Research shows that nearly two-thirds of Americans with disabilities want to work, yet only a third participate in the labor force. A gap in employment opportunities and labor participation has long existed between those living with disabilities and those without disabilities. WCHS believes that people with disabilities can and should be included in everyday life, including work, which has led to our growing interest in closing this gap.

WCHS recognizes that meaningful employment is defined differently for everyone. In addition, we believe in providing informed choice and see it as a key factor in supporting someone with finding the best working environment that fits their needs and desires. Our goal is to provide the supports and opportunities needed for any individual who wants to work, wherever they want to work, and to help them develop their full potential. Currently, we have one program that provides this support; however, more programs are in the planning stages.

Personal Assistant Sheltered Workshop

Personal Assistant Services are offered through WCHS for those who qualify for needing extra help at TEMCO Sheltered Workshop. The role of a Personal Assistant at TEMCO is to assist individuals with their employment goals. Based on an individual’s support plan, assistance can include improving work related tasks, or soft skills, such as, problem solving, critical thinking, behavior management, following a schedule and more.

Employment Program​

Supported Employment

Supported Employment is defined as competitive employment in an integrated setting or employment in integrated work settings in which individuals are working toward competitive employment. WCHS is committed to supporting all individuals with having the opportunity to seek competitive employment and being a part of their community’s workforce. We anticipate this program to begin in late 2021.

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