Rich Black

Richard “Rich” Black

Recreation Coordinator
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Rich began with Warren County Handicapped Services in May 2016 as part time Recreation Coordinator.  Rich came on board fulltime in May of 2017, after leaving the police force fulltime after 28 years of service.  Before Rich became an employee, he was a volunteer and coach for the sports provided.

Rich manages and supervises all Special Olympics for Warren County Handicapped Services.  He supervises the volunteers and coaches and develops ways to increase the number of volunteers and athletes.

When Rich began his position there were three sports offered: basketball, bowling and track and field.  Rich has grown the number of sports offered adding; swimming, flag football, bocce, soccer, tennis, volleyball, golf and softball to the already sports offered.  He continuously looks for support and opportunities to bring more sporting options to his program.  Rich provided the athletes not only opportunities to participate in local and area tournaments but also in Regional and State games since he joined WCHS.   In 2018, Rich was asked to coach swimming in the USA games that took place in Seattle, Washington.  He shared this is one experience every coach should get to experience.

In addition to Special Olympics Rich has two programs, Discovery Plus and Stars Plus which he creates and executes monthly outings and activities. He coordinates transportation to and from these events and ensures the families in Warren County know about his program and what is offered to the residents of Warren County.

Rich develops and hosts a two-week long youth came, “Camp We Can” and an extended weekend leadership camp for our adult participants.  This is a great experience for our participants to be a part of something big and learn ways to enhance their own leadership skills as well as advocating for others.

Rich has a relationship with all participants and their families, and he is the first line of contact for any issues, concerns, or changes within his programs.  Rich has shown his passion for all athletes and participants to be fully involved and aware of opportunities through his programs.

Rich is married and has two grown children, and one grandson.  Rich’s position requires many hours in the office as well as evenings and weekends.  With the support of his wife and family, he can dedicate his time and passion to ensuring the participants in Warren County have opportunities for sports and recreation activities.