Tasha McCarty

Tasha McCarty

Administration/Transportation Coordinator
636-456-7518 x10 - tmccarty@warrencountypathfinders.org

Tasha began her employment with WCP in July 2016 as a DSP in our day program department. Tasha earned a promotion to Day Program Lead then Supervisor and currently is our Transportation Coordinator. Tasha is responsible for all operations of our transportation services. She works closely with MoDot to ensure WCP is compliant, in all required areas.

In addition to Tasha’s role as Transportation Coordinator she is also Administration Assistant and works closely with our CEO.

Tasha along with her husband and children are avid supporters and volunteers in WCP recreation services. Tasha also coaches sports when her schedule allows.
Tasha has a strong passion for those WCP supports and is enthusiastic to provide her time to support in any form needed. Tasha is an instrumental member of WCP succeeding in the services provided.

Tasha is married, has 8 children, and a proud GiGi of 2 beautiful grandchildren.
When Tasha is not at work, she is enjoying her time baking and creating amazing treats and being with her family making cherished memories. Tasha also enjoys being outdoors loving nature.